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For the girls who go against the grain

The idea for Tom-Boi was born in 2013 when founder, Clarita Farrugia, decided to start a brand that represented what a tomboy meant to her, which is simply, a girl who goes against the grain.

When you’re a kid, you just – BE. You don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you, or what you wear, or who you hang out with or have a crush on, or what books you like to read; you don’t care who you offend with your music tastes and dancing skills; you just BE. We can’t really think of a good reason why that as grown ups, we should care about any of that stuff either. So we don’t.

We are true to our true selves, through and through: we act how we want, we play how (and what) we want (though we always play nice); we hang with whoever we want, we crush on whoever we want and best of all, we wear whatever we damn well want!

We make super comfortable, super practical and dare we say, super cute threads for active chicks. So that you can (you guessed it)… just BE.


Meet the Tom-Boi Crew

Clarita Farrugia

Owner/ Founder/ Fur Baby Mumma/ Shoe Addict

Clarita is Tom-Boi’s founder and boss lady that is all about taking chances and following her heart.

She is also an ex P.E. teacher and obsessed French Bulldog mum as well as coffee freak, food lover and advocate for women being their true, authentic, amazing, empowered selves!

“If you want something, the power is within you to go get it”

Jamie Ferris-May


Jamie is our most fabulous and talented designer that brings Clarita’s ideas to life! Jamie’s creative journey began as when she was knee high to a grasshopper  and would watch her Nanna sew on her treadle-powered Singer sewing machine. From these early beginnings Jamie’s passion for fashion was lit.

Jamie is a lover of chai lattes, a fashionista an awesome mum and kick ass wifey.

Serene Tan

Technology/Finance/Fur Baby Mumma

Serene is the mastermind that keeps the backend running smoothly and the IT doing what it should be doing and when it goes astray, she whips it back in line.

Also a French Bulldog obsessed mum, coffee addict and food lover, Serene grew up in Singapore but now calls Melbourne home (because of the food and coffee) and this makes us very happy!

“Will work for food”

Bosco Farrugia-Tan


Boss-Man or Boscoman comes along for the ride whenever and where ever he can. Bosco loves getting to meet all the Tom-Boi models, office visitors, delivery people and really just about anyone who is willing to give him some affection and food!

‘Life’s short, eat everything’