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What is a Tomboy anyway?

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What is a Tomboy anyway?

The standard Oxford definition and one which society also generally uses for a tomboy is…’A girl who enjoys, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.” Now I don’t know about you, but I am a tomboy and I generally don’t like noisy activities and since when is noise associated with boys cos I know some pretty noisy women!!

It has been widely excepted for far too long that a Tomboy is rough, boyish, sporty and a lesbian. This couldn’t be further form the truth. Yes, there are many Tomboys that fit this description, however there are equally as many, if not more, that simply don’t. So then you ask, what and who really is a Tomboy?

So here is my opinion, as the owner and founder of Tom-Boi Clothing (and I decided to speak about it in my very first blog) To me, a Tomboy is more than just a appearance, physicality or sexuality. It is an essence, an inner strength, an attitude. If you think about the girl playing in the mud with her brothers, you can see that what she is really doing is whatever the heck she wants, without the thought or conscience of what society expects of her. Times are a changing and society needs to damn well catch up. Women are strong, independent, innovative, fearless and empowered.

A great example of this has happened right here in Australia just this year, it was the inaugural Women’s Australian Football League. Men had been playing AFL since the early 1800, however when women finally got their start almost 50 years later, it wasn’t taken very seriously as the matches were only exhibition style games for the sake of charity that were patriotic fundraisers. Women playing contact sports in the 1800’s and right up until late in the 1900’s was widely considered unacceptable.

This is true for many male dominated sports such as, soccer, cricket, boxing, rugby, car racing and the list goes on. Women bursting through the male dominated landscape doesn’t just apply to sports. Women are living their true selves in all areas of life and now we see women in trades, high ranking positions in the corporate and IT world as well as Entrepreneurs, Military and Police, Chefs and Politics (the top positions too) and the list goes on.

It’s important to understand that these women didn’t defy society to create an issue or ruffle feather but rather they were just being themselves, and doing what it is that they find fulfilment and purpose in. The same applies to any women in any field rubbing up against norms. Tomboys were so important for the rise and success of womens rights and visibility, because it is that lack of care what society thinks that opened the doors for so many to now walk through and I know I am truly thankful to each and everyone.

Tomboys are in all walks of life and in all cultures. We are stay at home mums, CEO’s, sporting heroes or just sport lovers, tradies, teachers, baristas, business owners, essentially we are everywhere and ultimately all we are is wholeheartedly ourselves, we don’t want to fit a stereotype of how any women SHOULD be and we sure as hell don’t want to be told what we can and cant do because we make our own rules.

So I guess what I am saying is that what is a tomboy anyway, but a girl who goes against the grain! (Boom, mic drop)

What do you think a tomboy stand for? Are you always a tomboy, sometimes a tomboy, circumstantially a tomboy? Let us know your thoughts.

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